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SEO company bangalore: SEO management team ready to grow your site

Professional SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) for your business

The team at SEO Features comprises of experts which the best SEO agency in Bangalore, India can offer. The meticulous efforts taken by our team can help you achieve any desirable marketing goals. At SEO Features, we can provide you with a customised SEO campaign designed as per your business analytics and growth goals. Unleash the real potential of your business with our focused SEO strategies.

SEO Services

SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to drive organic traffic to your website. A great experience in serving our clients to attain topmost positions on search query has made us the optimum digital marketing partner for your business growth.

Technical SEO Audit

We offer professional technical SEO Audit, negating all the technical as well as algorithmic issues. Years of rich experience in delivering multi-fold growth after a Technical SEO Audit has earned us a pivotal name.

Local SEO Audit

The diversified companies we have served have gained subsequent growth by ranking on local search results. The team of Local SEO experts, we can help your local business grow multi-fold.

National SEO Audit

The SEO experts formulate optimum National SEO campaigns that drive maximum ROI for your business at a national level. We analyse your competitors, your past-present traffic performance & search engine crawlability.

E-commerce SEO

We assist E-commerce platforms to attain better visibility and sales to their products through organised SERP’s. Our team of SEO experts leverages every opportunity to drive maximum traffic to your platform.

Mobile SEO

Target audience engages 2.5x with advertisements on mobile devices compared to desktops. We formulate targeted Mobile SEO strategies to notch up results.

SEO Consulting

Onboard team of SEO experts help brands to attain their traffic and sales goals by providing actionable guidance. We analyse, review and improvise your website Search Engine Performance.

SEO Copywriting

As an expert in SEO services, we offer a specialised form of key-phrase dominant content. Our team of experienced SEO Copywriting experts have the right keywords and creativity of words to forge optimum sales-driving and value-adding content.

Link Building

Drive in the path of growth by adopting optimum link building services for your SEO strategy. We help brands attain value-adding referrals for their websites.

Blogging Services

Get well researched and relevant blogs that drive subsequent organic leads to your website. Our team of experienced writers help brands attain domain authority over their niche of business.

Digital PR/ Online Reputation Management

Connecting with your audience and having a brand reputation is equally important for your business. The experienced team have assisted brands to repair and reverse the damage done through clever, efficient and quiet efforts.

Website Migration

We offer seamless website migration services, comprising of Re-platforming, Restructuring & Rebranding while maintaining current Traffic, Visibility and Ranking.

Google Maps Optimisation

We help brands by bringing their customers to their doorstep. Help your prospective customers reach you by optimising your google maps through Search Engine.

SEO Services that Grow Traffic & Increase Revenue

Business houses looking for substantial growth, then SEO strategy is dedicated to you. A generic question may be, how does SEO benefit my business? It’s quite simple! It targets only the audience that can be easily converted on the website.

The award-winning team is round the clock available to offer optimum SEO strategy. Our custom designed SEO campaigns are targeted to on-page and off-page SEO, which comprises of Keyword research and content implementation leading to offer the most valuable services of your business.

Are you ready for the organic traffic on your website? Contact us now, our experienced SEO strategist will guide yours with your path to success. Want to directly talk to our SEO specialist? Feel free to give us a call at +91 8095916888.

Looking for increased ROI? We got you covered.

As a business owner, if you are looking for SEO campaign management service that benefits your growth. It is crucial to choose an SEO management services that offer optimum ROI. The excellence and command over our business can be replicated from the fact that we helped our clients earn a revenue of close to $1. 5 million.

The SEO experts at SEO Features have developed a comprehensive plan of your digital growth. The SEO plans offered are meant to optimise your website but revamp the bottom line of your business growth. If you are a local business holder or an international corporation, SEO offers a platform to attain the position of an industry leader.

Custom SEO Packages at Transparent Prices

The experienced SEO team offers customised SEO packages at optimum service to cost ratio. The extensive efforts our team undertakes to deliver growth driving steps for business clients has earned us various accolades. Optimising for organic search requires consistent efforts and diversified range of SEO techniques.

Leading SEO marketing agency like SEO Features leverages every opportunity to help our business associates surpass their competitors. The team formulates such extensive SEO services that drive result for our clients. it brings us a great sense of pride when we offer a top-notch combination of Keyword research, Competitor analysis, Link Building, Content creation, Transparent reporting and data analysis to keep the funnel of revenue of your business flowing,

As a best SEO service provider, we at SEO Features offer you diversified plans to choose. These plans are created considering the specific needs of every segment of business owners.

  • Aggressive Plan
  • Market Leader Plan
  • Trailblazer
  • Enterprise Plan

Clients need to pay only as per the SEO plan they choose for each month. Although initial campaign investment is crucial for every business, as it fortifies the loopholes. Although for enterprises we offer custom search engine optimisation pricing.


Industries We Serve


  • Technology SEO Services
  • E-commerce SEO Services
  • Banking SEO Services
  • Logistics & Shipping SEO Services
  • Hospital SEO Services
  • Education SEO Services
  • Manufacturing SEO Services
  • Travel SEO Services

Our SEO Management Process

At SEO Features, we leverage SEO insights to engage our client’s interests. The expert team understands the search patterns of the audience our clients cater to. We are acquainted with the final benefit our clients can reap out from attaining topmost positions. A custom-designed SEO campaign from SEO Features targets specifically on-page SEO & off-page SEO comprising of Competitor research and Growth Planning.

Just glance over an SEO management process that has driven over 4.6 million leads and generated close to $1.5 Million of revenue for our worldwide clients. Get acquainted with secret R.O.C.K.E.T process, how SEO Features experts improvise Ranking, Organic Traffic, Leads and subsequently growing business for our clients


The moment our SEO consultants receive the guidelines for SEO campaign they brace up themselves for your digital growth. The team outlines your company business, your website, probable competitors & hindrance in your market growth.

  • Top competitors Holistic & In-depth Analysis
  • Site and Server Analysis
  • Perform S.W.O.T Analysis for your website


Our experts dig-out the hundreds of minute factors that at hindering your digital progress. The team of an experienced and dedicated team of Web Development team backed by SEO Analyst is ready to optimise your website for complete reformation.

  • Modify site architecture and algorithmic response
  • Improvise User Experience & User Interface
  • Incorporate SEO friendly and attention-seeking Titles and Meta-description


Content is what offers you Domain Authority and adds value to the life of the visitor to your website. Educational Blog post created by our SEO Content writers, will not only educate your viewers but also useful in terms of SEO ranking. The path through success driving leads paves through educative and value-adding content.

  • Provide trendy and viral Blog post
  • Weave SEO friendly keywords based posts that help your ranking.
  • Inform and educate your target audience


Keywords have been soul to our SEO team. The meticulous research process helps us to outline your target audience. Targeted keywords with not only help you cater your visitors more effectively but drives better fresh leads and high-value sales.

  • Competitors Keywords and organic traffic Report
  • Target audience search keywords
  • Past-future rank tracking


Media and off-page SEO links are crucial for your website ranking in search queries of your target audience. The dedicated content marketing experts on-board will pave the way for your position in your specific industry. We help you fetch backlinks from trusted experts of your industry.

  • Content promotion campaigns
  • Relevant Blogs/Press releases
  • Viral audience-targeted campaigns


Seamless Traffic and an immense number of leads are just the initials of your business growth and our SEO Optimisation services. After processing your target audience through different phases of a sales funnel. We test each and phase and reap-out all possible shortcomings in sales targets.

  • Conversion path analysis
  • Improvising Calls-To-Actions
  • Consistent improvements through ROI Tracking

How to choose the best SEO management company

Online businesses are thriving with a consistent rate. Choosing the right SEO Company for your business might be a critical task at some point in time. It is crucial to choose the best SEO agency that helps your business grow.
One must always go with a certified and experienced partner, rather than one offering cheap and sub-standardised charges. One must consider all the factors listed below since it will determine your long term strategy.

1) Transparent Growth Pioneers

SEO comes under the service which determines your business growth. It is crucial to go with an agency that is transparent with the complete process. Your growth from a local business to an international company will be paved by the ethics of the company.

It is always advisable to go with a company that is upfront with charges and offers the right visualisation of your growth.

2) Wide Testimonials

Testimonials are the only way to gauge, how efficiently the company provided service to their last customer. These testimonials also shed light on the SEO agency’s online reputation, since they act as a vote of confidence. One must ensure that the company you choose must have at least 100 testimonials.

Fact: Well-known SEO company SEO Feataures has close to 420 testimonials, this signifies how wide their trusted customer base is.

Looking for our testimonial? Just browse below through our wide satisfied customer base.

3) Ample of Accolades

One of the oldest and yet relevant way to determine how efficient a company is, to check their award cabinet. Have their SEO Strategies done some remarkable? A successful SEO agency has a great number of awards and affiliations from famous institutions. Just glance over SEO Features, award cabinet, of which we are super proud.

How can SEO campaign management services help your business grow?

With all this talk about the positive effects of SEO management, how can you know for sure that it’ll help your business thrive and grow? Though there is no crystal ball to give tangible figures of how much your business will grow with SEO services, you can rest assured that your site will jump in search engine rankings, earn more traffic, and convert more customers.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. When you target important keywords correctly, you’ll have better placement in results pages. When you find a specific keyword that is important to your business and your industry, you want to target it with your content, your meta tags, your alt tags, and your URL. That means you include that keyword in these important places so that you have the best chance of ranking for it when someone searches the term within Google.
  2. When you rank highly for an important keyword, you’ll get more site traffic. Studies show that the first position on results pages gets roughly 33% of clicks, while the second position receives around 15%, with decreasing numbers from there. The top position truly is a prized location in search, and if you can get there, you’re going to see an increase in site traffic.
  3. When you boost site traffic, you’ll see an increase in conversions. When more people visit your site because of your high rankings in search results, it means that you’ll also earn more conversions. If your page ranks in the first position of organic SEO results, it’s there for a reason —you’ve created a page, like a blog post, that is informative, high-quality, and provides everything that a user is looking for when they search for the targeted keyword. When people click on your page, since it’s so high quality, they’ll be more apt to spend time on your site, and there’s a higher possibility that they will purchase your products or services.
  4. Increased conversions pave the way for a growing business. When your conversions increase, it means your SEO campaign is successfully driving results, like by ranking in high-value search results, and that your business is thriving. The more thriving your business does, the more potential it has to grow.

Increased conversions pave the way for a growing business. When your conversions increase, it means your SEO campaign is successfully driving results, like by ranking in high-value search results, and that your business is thriving. The more thriving your business does, the more potential it has to grow.

How SEO Team Can Help

The diversified ad versatile services offered to our worldwide clients has earned us various accolades. The team is consistently dedicated to offering most futuristic SEO solutions that drive your overall growth. The wide experience in offering multiple services, prominent of them are listed below

Onsite SEO

Since google crawlers analyse in close 200+ aspects of a website. Our team of experts visualise your website internal architecture and crucial elements to out-rank your position in search engine queries.

Penalty Recovery

Got Penalised? Losing your Ranking? We have experienced team of SEO Penalty Recovery experts to help you regain your position with versatile algorithmic strategies.

Technical SEO Audit

Reaping out prominent problems in your sales goals, through technical SEO audit is crucial. We offer seamless SEO Audit services, that helps your deliver maximised results.

Infographics Content

Infographics being the key to deliver the message quickly. Delivering infographic content backed by creative designers has been one of our niches.

Media Promotion

While ensuring your business is thriving on the search engine. Our team of experienced social media experts make sure your business is promoted on every social media platforms.

Reporting & Analysis

Being a tech-driven company we believe in data and statistics. We provide our clients with progressive reports that entail your rise in digital ladder backed by enriching Popularity, Reach & Brand awareness.
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SEO Audit
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Most Popular Questions

1. Why SEO is important in 2020?

Yes! SEO is more important than ever!  The strength SEO bears in driving organic traffic to the business website has out-paved new potentials. Through organic and paid traffic and optimizing your online presence will open funnels of leads.

2. What is Organic Result Vs Paid Result?

The moment we search for any query on a search engine, we receive results. These results might be Organic result or a paid result. Although they do resolve our queries and viable in terms of SEO search, but different on various terms.

Organic Results

  1. They are free
  2. There involve several great strategies to be implemented to attain optimum results
  3. It is rather a time-consuming process and relies on keyword searches to deliver significant results

Paid Results

  1. They are paid and sponsored by companies
  2. Owners have paid to allow their web pages to appear on higher google rankings.
  3. This is a quick process and but lack cost-efficiency

3. Can I choose SEO services for small business?

SEO services are equally important for small business as that of international businesses. Small business with its products and services confined to a specific location and highly geocentric. As people always buy services and products one in their proximity. Adding to generic traffic by your target audience enhanced visibility and credibility from local startup’s and SME’s drives subsequent latest business. Prominent reasons for choosing SEO services have been listed below.

  1. Expand your customer base
  2. Have efficient lead conversions
  3. Build a brand online reputation
  4. Create user-friendly platforms
  5. Surpass your competition

4. Can you do local SEO optimisation?

Yes! We have experts in our team to help your business attain higher positions on local searches and google maps. Assimilated efforts through planned local SEO optimisation strategies and call to actions will reap-out in terms of total organic traffic. Local SEO refers in terms of enhancing your local online presence and driving better business opportunities. Our dedicated will take care of all the services and products queries generated over a region. We entail all the opportunities to enhance your credibility and business prospects.

5. What are the SEO plans available?

With immense business opportunities available online, SEO Features got SEO Plans for everyone. We cater to SME’s, Start-ups and even multinational enterprises. SEO Plans for start up’s and SME’ s are budget-friendly and cater to all the primary needs of an online presence. On the other hand, we offer tailor-made and customizable SEO plans for business enterprises. Please drop your query with our customer executive and our SEO experts will get back to you with a planned path for your business growth.

6. What are all the processes once I sign up with SEO Features?

SEO Features assists brands with the untouched prevalent online opportunities in the domain of their business. The team provides a complete report comprising of digital assessment audit and complete competitors analysis. We also provide you with a complete SEO strategy that suits best with you.

7. When will I expect SEO results

The SEO results will gradually reflect on your website traffic and lead conversion rate. Although overall results of SEO rely on various minute aspects as well. The team at SEO Features drives into full force to implement marketing as well as link building strategies to gain traction of SEO results.
The team also analyses your business website digital assets such as prevalent traffic, content present on website and website structure. On average it takes close to 3 months to 6 months to see significant results.
The advent of 3 months SEO strategy implementation will result in a gradual increase in the following parameters.

  1. Growing organic traffic
  2. Better keyword ranking
  3. The efficient lead conversion ratio
  4. Improved brand value

8. How relevant leads or conversion I will get?

The sole purpose of implementing SEO is to enhance the overall visibility of your business amongst potential customers. Earlier does one achieves the first-page google ranking, better are the prospects of higher leads. The experienced team of SEO experts implements various audience targeted strategies.

9. Can I get SEO reports?

Yes! All our clients receive weekly, fortnightly, monthly reports. Since we are 100% transparent with our strategies and confident with our results. One will be having reports from sources like google analytics and even 3rd party tools like SEM Rush, Moz & SEO powersuite. Clients can also have access to their live ahrefs progress reports through our cloud platform. The team even organises one-to-one monthly meetings as per our client’s convenience. One can expect detailed website SEO metric report, Monthly site audit report, Keyword ranking report and an event tracking report.

10. Can I stop doing SEO after my website has reached the top ranks?

The consistent modifications in google algorithm and unstoppable competition in every segment, so stopping from SEO won’t be a wise idea. Moreover, maintain a consistent ranking of the first page on google search, is the result of continuous efforts. The opportunities and growth that SEO brings with itself are unimaginable. Consistent investment in SEO would ensure your business progress.

Free SEO Analysis