Key Strategies of Link Building

Strategies of Link Building

 Link Building Strategies

Link building has always been an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. In the beginning, it was more about the number of links, but now it is more about the quality of links that your website requires.

It’s just Google’s way of checking the credibility of the content on your website, and Surely, this can not be ignored.

Link building is nothing but a process to get links from other websites to your website. If that sounded simple to you, well, you are wrong here.

More than just adding links to your website, it is a strategic decision that you will have to make. Getting quality links on your website is not that easy. Therefore, we have come up with some key strategies that will help you in link building for your website.

Key Strategies of Link Building

You need to use the correct strategy and technique for link building to increase the search traffic of your website. Some key strategies of link building are:

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the oldest ways of link building. However, gone are the days when you can get links by posting blogs on even irrelevant websites. Now, when we are talking about quality, relevancy is the key to it. Simply said, if you are choosing guest blogging as your link building strategy, ensure that you choose only relevant websites.

Use Infographics

Infographics or visual representations of data can be used in your blogs because it attracts a good amount of traffic. They represent an idea or concept in a more vivid manner. So, for many websites and blogs, adding infographics to the content is found effective.

Use Social Media For Promotion

Social media is one of the easiest ways to interact with more people. You can create a social media account for your business and promote your products, services, blogs and information on that account. It will help you increase engagement and reach more audiences.

Replace the Broken Links

Do you not have enough time to write content? Well, the broken link strategy can be of great help. All you have to do is to find dead links on a website and the suggestion to replace the broken link with the link from your website. But remember: relevancy is the key. Only suggest when you are working on the same niche or if you have similar content.

Keep A Check On Your Competitor’s Backlinks

You need to keep checking and reviewing the backlinks used by your competitor. You have to analyze and note down their best links and then try to get the same links for your website also for better results.


Link building is an important part of SEOs these days as it is a process that helps the content creators to enhance and widen the reach of their content.

The backlinks used in your content determine the quality and ranking of your website. But you also have to take care of the quality of the content on your website.

The backlinks should lead to sites that are authentic, authoritative and of good quality. This ensures that your content and website are credible and reliable for users.

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