All in One SEO Plugin Review

All in one seo review

All in One SEO Review

Looking for an in-depth review of All in One SEO?

Whether you’re seeking for an SEO plugin for your brand-new WordPress site or a better replacement for your existing SEO plugin, this article will be of assistance to you.

The #1 WordPress SEO plugin in the world, according to All in One SEO. But is it actually the case?

We ourselves make use of the All in One SEO plugin. We therefore made the decision to put it to the test and solve this puzzle the old-fashioned manner by working hard!

Let’s begin the thorough All in One SEO evaluation.

A Quick Overview of All in One SEO

Quick Overview of All in One SEO

One of the most well-known SEO plugins in the WordPress community is All in One SEO (AIOSEO). A tonne of new features and additions were added to the original edition, which underwent a complete redesign. So, if you’ve previously used AIOSEO, you should give the plugin another look.

Not only do AIOSEO’s SEO features have the strength to implement the most recent SEO techniques, but you also receive advanced SEO options to immediately fix particular SEO problems. This comprises:

  • Local SEO modules for small businesses with a local audience
  • WooCommerce SEO for online stores
  • An SEO optimizer inside your WordPress editor
  • Smart Sitemaps for instant indexing on Search Engines
  • A Schema plugin to get your content to rank in the Rich Snippets

And a lot more!

In short: You can effectively configure WordPress SEO using All in One SEO without ever needing to engage a professional. And if the 3+ million All in One SEO users (including ourselves) are to be believed, AIOSEO is an excellent Search Engine Optimisation tool for every SEO need.

For bloggers and small business owners, it’s ideal because it enables you to manage SEO without needing to employ a specialist.

Remember: Only All in One SEO supports Google Search Console integration. Consider using the MonsterInsights plugin to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site if you require more in-depth website analytics.

How to Set Up All in One SEO

It helps that AIOSEO is so simple to use is one of the main reasons I love it. It’s even more amazing because everything can be done with a single click.

You receive a Setup Wizard after downloading and installing the plugin:

Aioseo wizard

In addition, the setup time will be around 10 minutes.

What if you’re migrating from another SEO plugin, though? Each plugin manages metadata in a unique way. Do you have to start from scratch, then? Has your prior work been in vain?

No! During the Setup Wizard, All in One SEO will offer to copy over the default settings for you if it finds another SEO plugin.

Aioseo import seo plugin

The Setup Wizard will ask you to disable your old SEO plugin as well at the end of the setup. In the following way, errors and plugin conflicts are avoided:

Conflicting seo plugin aioseo

The settings in your outdated SEO plugin will remain when you click Fix Now. Simply put, it disables the plugin to avoid conflicts.

What Can All in One SEO Do for Your Brand?

We won’t cover all of AIOSEO’s features in detail in this review. Since there are so many features, it would be impossible for us to review them all. We will thus concentrate on the attributes that we have used to improve our own rankings.

We think that the finest WordPress SEO plugin is All in One SEO. But before you install it on your WordPress website, we advise reading this in-depth All in One SEO review.

1. Site Audit Checklist

After installing the AIOSEO plugin, you receive a Site Audit Checklist that gives you a quick snapshot of the SEO health of the entire site.

An SEO audit is actually quite difficult to complete manually and can take hours. But with All in One SEO, you receive a quick summary and useful information to boost your SEO:

Site audit aioseo

Critical Issues are the things that could already be affecting your rankings, so you should pay attention to them. The thorough content analysis includes Open Graph tags, post text, and title tags.

Aioseo site audit arrow

This audit will require a score of at least 60 to 80.

2. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Preview

The fact that you cannot see how your content shows on a search engine is a significant issue with many WordPress SEO plugins. You may see a preview of how your pages and articles will appear to users who are searching for your target keyword using AIOSEO Pro.

Aioseo author archve

To customise your Title and Description, you may even use dynamic placeholders or tags.

Aioseo meta title

Additionally, you may configure your Knowledge Graph data, which is effectively metadata about your company. This facilitates Google’s ability to discover this data and show it in search results. It consists of:

  • Your name, or the name of your website
  • Phone number
  • Logo
  • Opening hours

Aioseo knowledge graph

This is particularly useful for local SEO, but if you also have physical offices, you may utilise it to list business details.

3. Social Network Integrations

You may manage how your postings appear on the social networks you use to promote your content by visiting the Social Networks settings page.

Aioseo social media snippet

Each page and post can have this content customised, or you can repeat your settings across all social media platforms. The best thing is that, if you don’t like writing original material, you can use the article title as your social network post title.

4. Multiple Sitemaps for Better Indexing

You can generate 4 different types of sitemaps with All in One SEO:

  • General
  • Video
  • Google News
  • RSS

Why? Sitemaps are essential for Search Engines to indexing of your website and all of its content by search engines. Although you don’t have to enable all four sitemaps, you should use the General sitemap to manage the article kinds that Google finds on your website.

Even then, you have control over the kind of content, including taxonomies, that Google indexes:

Aioseo sitemap

Additionally, you can use the advanced settings to

  • Include specific URLs, posts, pages, photos, and even keywords in your sitemap or leave them out.
  • Each URL’s priority can be set.
  • Decide on an update cycle.
  • Set the Last Modified date manually.

and more! For your WordPress website, you can even quickly create news sitemaps.

Pro tip: By using All in One SEO, you can also conceal pages in WordPress from search engines like Google and Bing. For more information, see our post on how to hide pages in WordPress.

5. Instant URL Redirects

Have you ever deleted a WordPress post or page? If you have, you should be aware that whenever you do so, anyone attempting to access that information through your site receives a 404 error.

Redirecting the URL to another URL after deleting a page is the proper way to do it.

However, there are many protocols for redirecting canonical URLs, so you have to be knowledgeable. if you perform it by hand.

AIOSEO’s redirection manager makes the entire process automatic:

Aioseo redirect

One of the top 301 redirect WordPress plugins is All in One SEO, which can also generate automatic redirection. When you delete a blog article, for instance, AIOSEO will intervene and request that you make a redirect from the old URL to a new one.

6. Local SEO

You can use SEO to promote a local business thanks to the Local SEO addon for All in One SEO.

Aioseo local seo

The Knowledge Graph becomes crucial since local SEO is mostly based on local search results, such as Google map results. AIOSEO allows you to update your:

  • Business address
  • Services
  • Contact information
  • Tax or VAT ID
  • Payment methods
  • Price range

Aioseo local seo

By doing this, your brand and the services you offer will always turn up relevant results in local searches, and your company will be well-represented.

7. On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO is one of the most important elements of SEO. Additionally, AIOSEO enables you to create SEO material consistently using TruSEO.

An SEO analysis tool incorporated into your WordPress editor is called TruSEO. It is fully compatible with Gutenberg and offers useful information for enhancing the SEO of any content you publish.

Allinone seo block settings

TruSEO is off by default. On the General Settings tab for the plugin, you should turn it on:

Truseo settings

TruSEO scores your content based on:

  • Keyword relevancy
  • Basic SEO
  • Title Optimization
  • Readability

and provides you practical suggestions for enhancing it:

Truseo all in one seo

Compared to other SEO plugins, TruSEO is more complex and its scoring system considers a far wider range of variables. There isn’t “one single rule” for SEO, of course, because Google’s search algorithm is always evolving. But over time, these four important elements have become the foundational concept behind developing SEO content.

You can get recommendations for how to improve your content for the focus keyword or keyphrase by expanding the Basic SEO box.

Truseo details

Note: MonsterInsights and TruSEO work together flawlessly. You may now see both the headline and content scores when utilising the MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer:

Aioseo mi

Very cool!

8. Schema Markup for Rich Snippets

The most valuable marketing real estate on search results pages is taken up by featured snippets. A featured snippet takes up the entire screen on a mobile device, therefore their importance is increased if a significant portion of your audience accesses your website on one of these devices.

The true kicker, though, is that a featured snippet is only one kind of rich snippet.

Wordpress rich snippets example

Rich snippets also enhance the click-through rates on your website, even though they don’t automatically ensure that you’ll earn a featured snippet or even better ranks. Normally, in order to add Microdata or JSON-LD in the HTML of your site, you would need to understand a little bit of coding in order to obtain rich snippets.

However, All in One SEO makes it quite simple to automatically insert Schema markup:

Aioseo wordpress schema markup settings

Choosing the appropriate content and markup types is all that is required. The remainder is handled by the plugin.

9. Robots.txt Editor

Your site’s crawling by search engines is controlled by the robots.txt file. You can index your important pages more faster by preventing search engines from indexing your website’s useless pages, such as your WordPress admin page, plugin files, and themes folder.

The location of the XML sitemaps is also listed in the robots.txt file. So, for beginners, the robots.txt editor is one of the easiest SEO tools with a big influence.

And utilising AIOSEO, setting this up is quite simple from the WordPress dashboard:

Wordpress robots txt plugin

Normally, to make changes to the robots.txt file on your server, you would have to locate it.

Here, you just need to point and click on the items you want crawled and those you don’t:

Aioseo robots editor

10. WooCommerce SEO

An excellent WooCommerce SEO addon from AIOSEO enables you to improve eCommerce product titles, descriptions, and images for more traffic and clicks.

Woocommerce product seo meta

You can use tags to build dynamic titles and descriptions, just like you can with any other kind of information. Additionally, you can include breadcrumbs for simple site navigation.

11. Image SEO

Do you want to have all of the photographs on your posts and pages have alternate text and titles set automatically?

AIOSEO will help you there:

Image seo tab in all in one seo

Go to the Image SEO tab and use the tags to automatically generate image titles and alt tags or manually generate unique titles and alt tags for each image:

Image-seo settings in all in one seo

Pro Tip: Additionally, you may add clickable links to select of your photographs to drive visitors to your YouTube account. The external links might also aid in the SEO for videos.

12. RSS Content for SEO

Scrapers of content are constantly hunting for popular new posts to copy.

Your SEO results may be permanently harmed if they republish one of your blog posts using your RSS feed. To ensure that you receive the correct credit from Google for your work, All in One SEO makes it simple to add automated credits to the end of each item in your RSS feed.

Rss footer smart tags

And really, that’s all you need to do!

13. Feature Manager

As you can see, All in One SEO is packed with functionality.

Aioseo features

And you might not require them all at once. Because of this, the premium version of AIOSEO has a Feature Manager that allows you to enable or disable particular features:

Aioseo feature manager

All in One SEO Pricing

Before we submit our judgement, there is one more thing to take into account. How much does All in One SEO’s pro edition cost?

Aioseo pricing

It is clear that the plugin is a fantastic fit for small businesses when you take into account how reasonably priced it is and all the capabilities that All in One SEO has to offer. The best aspect is that if you run a hobby website, you can use the free version.

Is All in One SEO the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

All in One SEO is effective, user-friendly, and reasonably priced. Additionally, it has a tonne of one-click features that enable you to automate SEO without employing an SEO expert. Top-notch service is provided, and it is incredibly reasonable. Therefore, it’s ideal for small firms who want to expand. That makes it, in our opinion, the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Additionally, compared to Yoast SEO or Rank Math, its SEO settings are much simpler to utilise. Focus keyphrases can be imported right into your website if AIOSEO and Semrush are integrated. If you want to increase organic site traffic, All in One SEO is an excellent investment.

Have you ever used push notifications on your website, while we’re on the subject? Push notifications are excellent tools for boosting return visitors and website engagement. To deliver your push alerts, we suggest PushEngage.

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