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Since its inception, internet has played a great role in world's economy. Today there are many day to day tasks that are simplified due to internet. One such common example can be transferring funds to another bank account. This is a task that can be easily accomplished today with help of different web based application and that too in a secure manner. Today there are a wide range of activities that can be easily accomplished using different web based services. Moreover, there are different types of web based services available including user services, business services and data services. All this makes it important to understand what exactly web applications are. A web application can basically be considered as a business strategy implemented to the web. If we just look around, there are numerous such applications that can be found around simplifying our lives. Consider any industry today including banking, telecom or anything else; there is a huge range of web based applications that can be found.

The use of web based applications has become more common in today's globalized world. Today businesses are crossing boundaries and one can easily find organizations interacting with each other overseas. Outsourcing is another thing that contributed to the increased need of web applications. Business to business interaction over secure networks is something that can be easily accomplished using certain web applications.

When it comes to web application development, it has come a long way today. There have even evolved many technologies today helping in advanced web application development. There are different steps that are included in web application development including determining nature of the project, planning, development and testing. There are even many SEO Features that can be incorporated in the web application. The advancing technology is further paving the way for automated web application development simplifying lives to a great extent.


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